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Ensuring The Smoothest, Safest Flight Possible

Executive Fliteways has the added benefit of operating its own, on-site, fully-staffed flight and dispatch department. Our expert staff has over 40 years of combined dispatch experience. It is our pleasure and our duty to make sure you have the smoothest, safest flight possible. Here is what Executive Fliteways' dispatch department can and will do for its charter aircraft management clients:

  • Verifying each flight on the certificated aircraft meets part 135 regulations for legal crew, legal aircraft and a legal trip
  • Issuing and tracking the release numbers for each flight on the certificated aircraft
  • Actively flight-following the aircraft from departure to destination city - no matter the flight duration
  • Sending detailed trip paperwork to flight crews and log all flights upon completion
  • Reviewing the crew schedule on a daily basis to confirm all crew is legal and current and all flights are within legal limits
  • Arranging the trip's logistical and service items to support our client(s) and crew, including;
    • Coordinating the aircraft's movements to support client’s travel schedule
    • Scheduling the support personnel, including airline travel and hotels as needed
    • Arranging for landing and over-flight permits, clearances, ground handling, security needs, customs, ground transportation, and catering for domestic and international destinations.
    • Providing required documentation for (and communicating with) any and all government agencies for domestic and international destinations, including customs and immigration.
    • Coordinating aircraft movement in conjunction with the PIC (pilot-in-command) to insure that all airspace and airport restrictions are complied with, and to ensure that all aircraft support services are available and notified.
    • Monitoring duty time limitations and currency requirements for flight crews to ensure compliance with applicable FAA regulations and the Executive Fliteways Standard Operating Procedure manual.
    • Assisting our aircraft Captain, as necessary, with trip routing with regards to tech stops, crew swapping, and/or crew augmenting.
    • Providing 24/7 coverage for the entire Executive Fliteways' fleet of aircraft.
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